When I was 10 years old, my father showed me how to make stop motion animation with his betamax camera.
I immediatly knew my passion would deal with animation , giving life to visuals.

I would watch Dark Crystal and Simbad’s Adventures, Ray Harryhausen’s creatures or Phil Tippett ED-209 over and over again, as well as many others, from Tex Avery cartoons to Norman McLaren’s films. Our first computer at home was an eye-opener to video games, digital creation and later digital video.

I naturally decided to study arts, which gave me the opportunity to meet Etienne Mineur who was showing Sigmund Freud ‘s  » Archæology of the Unconscious ».
This perfectly fitted my John Maeda’s inspired works, which ended up in a graphic design diploma in 2000.
Meanwhile I discovered the fast growing world of computer graphic images and animation, 3D softwares but also interactivity and multimedia with flash technology.
A self-taught developer, this gave me the freedom required to achieve complex thoughts.

After some years of working for agencies as a multimedia integrator, I am currently teaching realtime technologies, game mechanics, motion design, data visualisation in various art schools (ESTEI, ECV, Bordeaux III, Campus Bissy, e-artsup), and i’m still exploring the world of 2D/3D animation, interactivity and emerging technologies, experimenting user experience through non-linear animation and generative design.

Playing with Augmented reality, kinect, video mapping, game engines, technology watch while sharing with students keeps me excited everyday.
this website shows selected works and experiments.

Softwares I use everyday :
3D : Maya, 3DSmax, Zbrush, Allegorithmic tools, Unity3D, Unreal engine, Marvelous Designer.
2D: Photoshop, Illustrator.
Motion : After effects, Premiere, Flash.
Programming languages :
AS3, JS, JAVA, C#, Py.

hope you will enjoy